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Topic 1


Taiko as an Expression on Stage: Its Development and Future

Roughly half a century since the creation of the form of taiko known as "kumi-daiko," it has become common for performances to take place in theater halls for an admission fee; however, it is rare for these expressions to be critiqued in the same manner as other performing arts, such as classical music, ballet, kabuki, and Noh, and it would be difficult to say that taiko is regarded in similar esteem as a genre of performing arts. In this Premium Talk, we discuss the development of taiko as a performing art along with the possibilities and challenges of further development.

Ian Cleworth

Australia / Taikoz

Shogo Yoshii

Kanagawa Prefecture / Solo Artist

Unosuke Miyamoto

Tokyo Prefecture / Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten

Jennifer Weir

U.S.A/ TaikoArts Midwest

Leonard Eto

Tokyo Prefecture / Solo Artist

Franco Imperial  & Wisa Uemura

U.S.A / San Jose Taiko

Alan Okada

U.S.A(New York)

Akitoshi Asano

Ishikawa Prefecture / The Asano Foundation for Taiko Culture Research

Akitoshi Asano -
Special Feature: "Expert Selection of 7 Taiko Arts" 

Ishikawa Prefecture / The Asano Foundation for Taiko Culture Research

Daigoro Aska

Nara Prefecture / ASKA Japanese Drum

Tsuyoshi Yamauchi & Kazuhiko Osawa

Shizuoka Prefecture / Fugaku kai,  Tokyo Prefecture / Nippon Taiko Foundation

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