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WTC Premium Talks

About WTC Premium Talks:

We will be releasing videos of a special lecture and exclusive WTC talks on 3 topics by guest speakers in various fields whose stories you rarely get to hear! They will speak about the possibilities and challenges of taiko from their own perspectives. Please stay tuned!


Scheduled Video Release Date: Early November

Special Lecture

Taiko by Eitetsu Hayashi

Eitetsu Hayashi is a pioneer taiko soloist who has given many historic performances throughout the world. Through his unique stage expression and appearances with numerous leading artists, he has spread the existence of staged taiko worldwide. Furthermore, his performance style has become the standard in the world of taiko; his impact is immeasurable. In this Premium Talk, we take a closer look at these taiko expressions by Eitetsu Hayashi.

Topic 1


Taiko as an Expression on Stage: Its Development and Future

Roughly half a century since the creation of the form of taiko known as "kumi-daiko," it has become common for performances to take place in theater halls for an admission fee; however, it is rare for these expressions to be critiqued in the same manner as other performing arts, such as classical music, ballet, kabuki, and Noh, and it would be difficult to say that taiko is regarded in similar esteem as a genre of performing arts. In this Premium Talk, we discuss the development of taiko as a performing art along with the possibilities and challenges of further development.

Akitoshi Asano

Ishikawa Prefecture / The Asano Foundation for Taiko Culture Research

Franco Imperial

U.S.A / San Jose Taiko

Daigoro Aska

Nara Prefecture / ASKA Japanese Drum

Wisa Uemura

U.S.A / San Jose Taiko

Leonard Eto

Tokyo Prefecture / Solo Artist

Ian Cleworth

Australia / Taikoz

Shogo Yoshii

Kanagawa Prefecture / Solo Artist

Topic 2


Taiko and accessibility: How inclusion connects communities

Many taiko players can attest that the physical and emotional effects of playing taiko often improves other areas of our lives. In an effort to share these benefits with people who have limited opportunities for taiko engagement, groups around the world are discovering effective and innovative methods of promoting inclusivity for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, genders, and abilities. This panel will feature groups who are overcoming accessibility barriers and connecting communities through shared taiko experiences.

Tsuyoshi Yamauchi

Shizuoka Prefecture / Fugaku kai

Kazuhiko Osawa

Tokyo Prefecture / Nippon Taiko Foundation

Topic 3


The Value of Taiko in Multicultural Societies

The presence of taiko at Japanese festivals has stimulated the region and fostered community bonds. Taiko has also played a role in maintaining and strengthening bonds in communities of Japanese immigrants. The non-verbal understanding produced by taiko enhances social consideration and mutual mindfulness within these communities. This Premium Talk considers the social potential of taiko in modern societies where multiple cultures coexist while tolerance is waning.​

Unosuke Miyamoto

Tokyo Prefecture / Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten

Alan Okada

U.S.A(New York)


Jennifer Weir

U.S.A/ TaikoArts Midwest


Taiko Community Video Forum: Share Your Story about Taiko!

Share your thoughts and experiences based on 3 topics! Introduce people around the world to the things you have felt, experienced, and challenged yourself with through taiko. Although it has become difficult now to gather and perform taiko together, we hope people around the world can continue to connect through taiko. We look forward to sharing your activities and experiences through these videos!

How to Apply:

  • Select 1 of the 3 topics.

  • Film and edit your video yourself.

  • The video must be no longer than 10 minutes.

  • Multiple language support is recommended (Japanese and English).
    (Please provide translations or subtitles yourself.)

In addition to the above , please also provide the following and send via email   

  • Include your name, e-mail address and location (ex. Japan: Tokyo, America: California, etc.).

  • Thumbnail (if available)

  • Texts for the details section of your video (up to around 200-word count for English, 400 word count for Japanese)

  • If video is large, please send through a file transfer service(e.g. gigafile, Dropbox, WeTransfer)

  • Any websites or Social media accounts related to your talk that we can share


Deadline is November 10th JST* ​

*Japan Standard Time


We may not publish your video if we find the content to be inappropriate.

Video content is the responsibility of the contributor. The WTC Committee will not take any responsibility for the content.

All published videos will be available to the public through the WTC YouTube account. Please be mindful of copyrights for the materials used before submitting.

Topic 1


Taiko as an Expression on Stage: Its Development and Future

What kind of taiko do you picture when you think of taiko as a performing art? The world of taiko is simple yet deep, involving "uchikomi" and "ma," as well as physicality and spirituality. Please share with us a passion that you could go on about all night long.


For example:

  • What is the appeal of taiko that differentiates it from other percussion instruments? Why did you choose taiko? What potential do you see in taiko?

  • "Uchikomi" is one of the attractions of taiko, but what exactly is "uchikomi"? Does it refer to making a large noise? Or is it something beyond that?

  • Taiko was elevated from a local performing art to an act of creativity, and it spread from Japan to the world. What is the relationship between you and taiko, and what role did Japan's culture, which taiko is deeply rooted in, play in that relationship?

  • Share any memorable collaborations or performances, and performance videos as well, of course!

Topic 2


Taiko and accessibility: How inclusion connects communities


The joys and challenges of practicing taiko can lead to personal growth and social connection. As our taiko community develops and shares methods for inclusion, more people are experiencing the positive effects of taiko on our spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Please share with us your group’s journey of overcoming barriers and establishing new methods to promote accessibility, how inclusive practices bring a sense of empowerment to you and your group, or how engagement with taiko has improved other areas of your life. 


For example:

  • Innovative instruction methods, experiences, and future prospects

  • Experiences and reactions of sharing taiko with people who have not previously had opportunities for engagement

  • Experiences of physical or emotional transformation as a result of playing taiko

Topic 3


The Value of Taiko in Multicultural Societies

Although "community" may not elicit a sense of familiarity, "taiko friends" probably feel very close. Outside of Japan, individual circles of taiko friends are growing beyond the frame of groups. Please introduce yourselves and your groups to "taiko friends" across the world!


For example:

  • Introduce yourself to taiko friends around the world!

  • Talk about your love for local taiko and festivals!

  • How are taiko activities connected to your region?


The taiko community is spreading to various corners of the world. To celebrate the very first World Taiko Conference, let everyone hear your voice! Please introduce yourself and your group to the global taiko community!

Live Talk Sessions

We will have a lineup of international taiko artists to talk live on their perspectives on the topics, based off of the numerous talks that were shown beforehand.  Get excited for the panelist line up because this can only happen at WTC!  

We will collect questions to be answered in these livestream talk sessions around Fall.  Please look forward to it!

Live Talk Session schedule will be announced soon!

Special Live Talk: WTC Theme Song

Eitetsu Hayashi

Tokyo Prefecture/ Solo Artist

Nobuyuki Nishimura

Tokyo Prefecture/NOBU

Topic 1


Taiko as an Expression on Stage: Its Development and Future


Chieko Kojima

Niigata Prefecture/ Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble Kodo

Kenny Endo

U.S.A./Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble

Taishi Yamabe

Tokyo Prefecture/ Solo Artist

Kaoly Asano

Tokyo Prefecture/ Gocoo

Yoshihiko Miyamoto

Tokyo Prefecture / Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten

Topic 2


Taiko and Social Inclusion: The Effectiveness of Taiko in Rehabilitation


Yeeman Mui

U.S.A. / Taiko Together

Atsushi Sugano

Niigata Prefecture/ Kodo Cultural Foundation

Peter Hewitt

United Kingdom / CCS Taiko


Tsuyoshi Yamauchi

Shizuoka Prefecture / Fugaku kai

Sydney Shiroyama

U.S.A. / TaikoIN’


The Value of Taiko in Diverse Societies


Topic 3
Roy Hirabayashi

U.S.A. (California)


The Value of Taiko for Community Building

Yoshitaka Kinoshita

Chiba Prefecture/Narita Taiko Festival

Taizo Kobayashi

Shimane Prefecture/ Kobayashi Kobo

Junpei Yamada

Aichi Prefecture/ Yamada Junpei x Nekkyo Dagaku

Asumi Nishida

Chiba Prefecture/College Taiko Association

Tateito Yokoito LLC.

Miyagi Prefecture/ Tateito Yokoito LLC.

Yui Kamiya

U.S.A., Aichi Prefecture

Tadashi Hasegawa

Oita Prefecture / Toyo no Kuni Yufuin Genryu Taiko

Jonathan Kirby

United Kingdom / European Taiko Conference, Kagemusha Taiko

Miaochum Wang

Taiwan / Taiwan Taiko Foundation

Lucas Muraguchi

Brazil / Isshin Daiko

Derek Oye

U.S.A./ Taiko Community Alliance

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