The T-shirt design for the inaugural World Taiko Conference uses the WTC logo.

About logo design

The WTC logo embodies the hinomaru (flag of Japan) and the surface of the taiko drum.   The red gradation expresses the emotional vibrations and the feeling of excitement the taiko brings to our soul. 

It is also a color that resonates respect to the traditions of Japanese culture.  

With the intention of broadening the art of taiko to a wider society, the logo is aimed to create a simple yet familiar design.  

About T-shirt design

The red oval of the logo is placed in the center of the body with the image that the sound echoes to the core of one’s self.

The World Taiko Conference T-shirt design*:



*Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.

*The 'BACK' design will have the logo's of our sponsors (placed in the grey square areas)

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